A family of campers and lovers of new adventures.

Focused on offering you a memorable vacation. Our camper trailers are strategically designed and equipped so you spend less time packing before you hit the road.

Completely handcrafted.

Our trailers are created and designed to be a home away from home.

Pre Loaded

Our campers already include everything one would need to have a wonderful camping experience PLUS the luxury extras!

Guided assistance for a pleasant experience

We will walk you through from how to book a site somewhere all the way down to how to turn on the stove.

Sanitized before every rental

We have set drop off times and set pick up times to provide us ample time to fully sanitize our campers in between rentals.

By far the most bang for your buck

What you get for the price you pay is unheard of! This is on purpose so you can say YES to your new favorite memory.

Our Trailers

Hitch and go to
your new favorite place

Our custom designed campers were created with a first time camper in mind; we know one may not know exactly what you need to bring so we got you covered! Our campers are fully loaded with everything you will need at your fingertips to have a magical time escaping the city lights.

Blueriginal Family Camper

(sleeps 4)

Tiny V

(sleeps 2 or 4)

Before you hitch and go, here are some


Camping Tips

Camping Étiquettes


Over twenty years ago, our family of two were introduced to camping for the very first time and we immediately fell in love. Being in nature with the crisp air and lush trees gave us such a sense of peace that we couldn’t get enough of. We started with a borrowed tent, a blow up bed, a cooler, and that’s about it! Everything else we shared with the family we were with. Year after year we started gathering our own items for camping and creating our very own bin filled with goodies, tips, and tricks to make camping efficient and fun. 

Through the years we have shared our camping passion with others and some now love it as much as we do and some not so much; we begin to study and ask questions to find out why the ones that didn’t like camping very much, well, didn’t! and we discovered a revolving trend: Not knowing what to bring and not having what you need. Realizing this pattern sparked something inside of us to “solve” this problem; we want EVERYONE to experience camping at least once in their lifetime and we want it to be a pleasant experience. 

Welcome to the City Lights Escape family; where all you need to pack is your food, your pillow, and your clothes. Our mission is to allow you and your family to fully experience camping while having everything you will or may need already at your fingertips so you and the family can just sit back, relax, unwind, and absorb everything the camping experience has to offer. Our hope is that this adventure you will embarc will impact you so much that you decide to start creating your own camping bin 

Currently our family of now four are avid campers and cannot wait until our next getaway; we look forward to checking out a new place, a new site, breathing fresh air and just “Escape” for a few days. 

We are forever grateful to the Martin Family for inviting us along and for sharing their camping gadgets with us many, many years ago. Twenty years later and counting, we still go camping together yearly which is so dear to our hearts. Because they shared the camping experience with us, we can now provide the Camping Experience for you…. so Hitch Up, and head to your new favorite memory. 


What to know before you Hitch and Go

Click on a box  below the picture to go directly to the site you can book it from; you can choose Outdoozy, Rvshare, or Rvezy.

  1. Fulfil the requirements requested on the site you are renting from.
  2. Have a vehicle that meets the towing  capacity of our trailer. (3,000 lbs) Tongue weight capacity 500 lbs
  3. Attend an in person overview orientation right before pick up.
  4. Demonstrate that you know how to drive and back up a trailer. 
  5. Rental up to 3 weeks max.

Correlated with the site you are renting from

If you must keep it longer than originally anticipated, you first must accept the extension agreement that will be sent to you from the site you booked it from. If your extension goes beyond another rental reservation, we prefer you just bring it back but that is not possible, you will be charged an additional 50% daily rate per day until returned.

  1. A generator $10 p/day
  2. Fur Friend box (Dogs: bowls,leash, bed, trash bags, and a stake) $5.
  3. Extra chairs, sleeping bags, & tents also available upon request.

It’s hard to say but the sooner the better to reserve a camper for the time YOU want to go.

You can check out our availability calendar right here

  1. Because we want to make sure you know how to drive with it, we require pickups only. 

Here is a suggested list (click here) on what to pack when you book with us

a) Depending on the site you book us from, you may have 24 hr roadside assistance.

b) We will share a folder with you with links to many mini instructional videos on how everything works inside and outside of our campers so you can access it at any time. We are also available via phone call or text as needed.

Yes, we do understand that sometimes things break, we ask that you use our items with care as if it were your own and if something accidentally breaks, please bring it back so we can evaluate it; items completely missing will be deducted from the $500 deposit required from the site you book from.

  1. A generator. Can be rented for $10 per day 
  2. Phone chargers 
  3. Containers for drinking water. 
  4. Personal toiletries 
  5. Air conditioner; it does include a max air fan and a portable mini fan. 
  6. Firewood.
  1. On board you have a pop up tent, a draining tub, and  two 5 gallons solar bags that can be used if you are allowed and want to shower on your own site. 

  2. You also have the option to shower at the campground shower facility if available using our “shower kit” which includes soap & shampoo on a lanyard and a over the door hook set so you will have a dry place to hang your clothes and towel.

  3. Our campers also include a towel per person/ per sleeper.

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Pick up times 4PM -7 PM

Drop off times 9 AM-12 PM

Call or email us for any questions you may have

(888) TOCITYESCAPE (888) 8624893

The LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. -Joshua 1:9